Oil tempered spring steel wire "R15 - R20"

“Super Clean” wire rods with few inclusions are the basic raw material for valve springs. For highest standard products, undesirable effects of the wire rod manufacturing process are eliminated by removing the surface (shaving).

The use of newly developed alloys facilitates consistently good ductility and therefore increased fatigue strength.

We also produce oil tempered valve spring steel wires with oval and elliptical cross sections. These products offer the advantage of an ideal stress distribution in the wire cross section.

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The oil tempered clutch and torsion spring steel wire

The oil tempered clutch and torsion spring steel wire is suitable for torsion damper springs in clutches of various builds and with the most diverse performance requirements.

This oil tempered spring steel wire offers good dynamic features and excellent winding characteristics and relaxation.

Our spring wire qualities made of alloyed and unalloyed basic material are very well suited for the production of statically stressed springs. These products can be found as springs in the power break unit or in the seat adjustment e.g. of a car.

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Highest quality thanks to competent employees

At Roeslau Wire, the principle of quality is consistently applied. It is part of the corporate philosophy and firmly anchored in all core areas. Our awards from INA Schaeffler, Eaton, VDFI, etc. prove this.
In addition, intensive research and development work ensures strong innovative strength.

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