Ausbildung bei Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau und Roeslau Wire

Wir möchten unser Wissen weitergeben und jungen Menschen die Ausbildung zum Maschinen- und Anlagenführer sowie zum Mechatroniker ermöglichen. Zum Thema „Ausbildung“ haben wir uns an einer Werbe-Aktion bei Radio Euroherz beteiligt.

Das zu diesem Zweck durchgeführte Interview mit unseren Meistern und Ausbildungsleitern findet Ihr in der unter dem Bild stehenden Audiodatei – hört doch mal rein.

Und – Interesse? – dann schreibt eine Mail an Frau Lea Köther (HR):

Exhibition „Music China“ at Shanghai from October 11 st till October 14 th, 2023

After a three-year break due to the COVID-pandemia,. the exhibition „Music China“ first time took place again at Shanghai from October 11 st till October 14 th, 2023.

With a huge assortment of west and chinese musical instruments as well as professional audio equipment this exhibition is the most comprehensive event of the music industry with more than 800 exhibitors and about 70.000 visitors within its four days duration. Our sales managers from Stahl and Drahtwerk Röslau, the global market leader in the field of music strings, also took the opportunity to come to an intensive exchange with numerous clients and prospective customers in the sector of piano, guitar and chinese musical instruments.

During the discussions the high quality and special sound characeristics of the music strings made in Röslau have been emphasized explicitly.



SDW with a market share of more than 80% is the global market leader in the business of piano strings.



Work anniversary in Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH

Ingrid Steinert, wire controlling, Klara Eichner, employee winding department, Werner Grießhammer, foreman at RW and Birol Yilmaz, Team coordinator (RW) are working with us since 25 years and Alexander Kolb, factory mechanic since 40 years at Stahlund Drahtwerk Röslau resp. Roeslau Wire.

During the celebration in the Gasthaus Zur Laube in Grün near Röslau and a dinner together with the families and colleagues of the jubilarians, the managing director, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Willi Josef Ferfers, dignified the expertise and high commitment of the jubilarians and thanked them on behalf of the shareholders and the advisory board for their loyalty to the company. Certificates of honor and flowers for the ladies have been handed over.

From left: Managing Director Willi Josef Ferfers and the jubilarians Alexander Kolb, Ingrid Steinert, Klara Eichner and Werner Grießhammer, factory manager Christoph Betz, work councel chairwoman Nadine Anger, Manfred Maisel (foreman) as well as Lea Köther, HR (Mr. Birol Yilmaz was missing)

40 years - work anniversary at SDW

Our factory mechanic, Mr. Alexander Kolb was able to celebrate this special work anniverary in September – together with our work council chairwoman Nadine Anger, his longtime colleague Ulrich Tröger as well as dy. Factory manager Christoph Betz and our managing director, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Willi Josef Ferfers, who dignified the expertise and high quality engagement of Mr. Kolb.

From left: Ulrich Tröger, Managing Director Willi Josef Ferfers, the jubilee Alexander Kolb, work council chairwoman Nadine Anger as well as dy. factory manager Christoph Betz

The Fichtelburger was there again!

Many thanks to Maximilian Bayer and his team – again it has been very tasty to us.
There have been available to be chosen Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Chili-Cheeseburger, Chili-Bacon- and Veggi-Burger.

A big thank you also to our Managing Director, who remunerated us with burgers during our lunch break.

Bicycle campaign „STADTRADELN“ in the area Wunsiedel

Our team cycled total 1.786 km in common and has been remunerated internally with certificates and a „coffee party“.
We look forward to next year’s colleagues, who will – again or NEW - participate.

New area „Suppliers“ inside our website

For our suppliers, we have created a new area to be found inside „The Company“.
Our newly established Sustainability Guidelines can be found there.

In the medium run we will fill this area with further valuable information for you.


Link „Sustainability Guidelines