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„We are the ideal partner for our customers worldwide. As an independent company, with motivated, satisfied, flexible employees, we manufacture the best wires at fair market prices with the best service.“


Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH and Roeslau Wire GmbH & Co. KG are global providers of products and services for the automotive supply sector and further industries. Our two companies aim to offer outstanding quality in terms of our products and services and thus increase the value for our company, our customers, shareholders and business partners.

Our vision:
The quality policy supports the implementation of the strategy and sets a framework for setting quality goals. As globally acting companies we are ambitioned to combine economic success with responsible action towards human beings, the environment and SOCIETY. The confidence placed in us by our SHAREHOLDERS is justified through this. We are committed to a constant enhancement of our process approached quality management systems with the aim to continuously improve our processes, products and services.

Our principles of action:
Measure of our work is to fulfill the requirements our CUSTOMERS. Customer satisfaction ist he essential basis for continuous and sustainable economic success. The fulfilment of logal and other requirements is a precondition for this. We commit ourselves to the continuous improvement of the management system.

We cooperate with reliable SUPPLIERS, whose products and services fulfill our quality requirements.

We promote the skills of our EMPLOYEES and thus strengthen our quality awareness.

We are ambitioned to the high-level avoidance of errors in all processes in our company. To do this, we follow a preventive and risk based approach.

The success of our management system is the result of our common effort of all employees of our company.

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Roeslau Wire GmbH & Co. KG

In the times of globalization and increasing competition, every company has to make its own strategic decisions on how this challenge can be mastered.
For this reason, Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH has now taken back 100 percent of the shares of Roeslau Wire GmbH & Co. KG, running the company as an independent subisidary.






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