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Highest quality thanks to qualified employees

At Roeslau Wire, we are living the principle of quality consistently. It is part of the corporation philosophy and firmly established in all key areas. Our awards from INA Schaeffler, Eaton, VDFI etc. prove this.

Additionally, intensive research and development work provide a high degree of innovative strength.


environmental management

Roeslau Wire

Environmentally conscious thinking and acting

For Roeslau Wire, environmentally aware thinking is one of the guiding factors of successful development. With the introduction of the environmental management system ISO 14001, our company created a solid foundation for environmental protection activities already years ago.

Roeslau Wire is also committed to sustainable environmental protection in other areas. As early as during the product and process development, we incorporate eco friendly and efficient technologies for the development and manufacturing of permanently environment-friendly products.

Environmental protection is bindingly established as a management task in the objectives of our environmental policy. Ecological factors are included in entrepreneurial decisions as an important component. Our employees are regularly being trained and informed regarding this matter.

The conservation of natural resources, in particular expenditure of energy as well as of raw, auxiliary and working materials and the prevention of emissions and waste as well as the use of the latest industrial manufacturing equipment have priority in the realization and further development of our environmental management system.

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In the times of globalization and increasing competition, every company has to make its own strategic decisions on how this challenge can be mastered.
For this reason, Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH has now taken back 100 percent of the shares of Roeslau Wire GmbH & Co. KG, running the company as an independent subisidary.






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